VPN Working Home

Why should you use a VPN when you are working from home? A few handy tips to rediscover your privacy

For some time now, the corona virus has been rampant around the world. Many people work from home and although the corona measures are often relaxed, the rule ‘work at home if possible’ remains. Working from home is very interesting, but in the long run it can cause some issues. You can be easily distracted, you can often concentrate less well and your body often does not benefit from it. Besides ergonomic disadvantages, there is another major drawback: your online safety when you are using las mejores VPN por Netflix en Argentina.

Work at home during corona

Throughout the Netherlands today, many people still work at home. Although public transport has been reopened for some time now – for also non-essential travel – people still prefer to work at home. The advantages of working from home, despite the major advantage that the spread of the coronavirus is of course the main goal in this period – do not lie.

Advantages of working from home

  • No more unnecessarily long travel times
  • To the point: especially online meetings will start right away
  • Home chores to do in between, like laundry
  • Always at home to receive your packages

And we could go on like this for a while. However, there are also quite a few disadvantages, which we would like to share with you.

Disadvantages of working from home

  • Quickly distracted
  • Less focus
  • You easily get into a rut

Biggest disadvantage in our opinion: online safety of both you and the company you work for in many cases at risk. Poor ergonomic work posture is one of the disadvantages of working from home

VPN: must for working at home during corona

As editor of ExpressVPN, I can of course only swear by a good VPN connection when working from home. However, if you’re not quite at home with proper online privacy óf simply think that your connection and online safety is fine, I recommend you stick to this article.

A good VPN software is incredibly important. Especially if you work at home with systems or data from the company you work for. Because, the company itself can have everything as well organized in terms of security: this does not mean that your connection is also fine.