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For the same money: Bitcoin’s price plunges to $40,000 in the short term

Crypto Insiders gives a unique offer with a new series of articles called ‘For the same money’. In this we interview our crypto coaches, analysts and other crypto fanatics about their position in the market. This time it is the turn of Albert, aka AppY, a technical analyst at Crypto Insiders.

“I am currently short on bitcoin,” he explains, substantiating his technical analysis. “It’s a complex matter, but I expect an ‘Elliot-C-wave’ down within the next few weeks. This means that bitcoin’s price can move to a minimum of $43,000.”

Bitcoin target

The target of this c-wave is difficult to predict, but what is certain is that this analysis does not look good in the short term.” By short term, Albert means about three months, with his first target being $43,000.

I also don’t rule out the possibility that this could be the start of a bigger decline. has enough information. So far my expectation from my target ($43,000) is a small rebound to about $47,000 and then we get wave 5 of the Elliot waves, whose target is around $40,000.

You can see that the sentiment towards the crypto market is not very positive at the moment. In addition, I see a clear indication of a downward market correction via Fibonacci in combination with other indicators. “I have shared analysis in Crypto Insiders’ Discord group. People can find the full explanation there.”

Next months

The people who know Albert (AppY) from the Discord environment know that he is very transparent about his portfolio and his trades. He trades two to ten times a day and also shares it in the Discord group. He was on a mission to increase his starting capital of $1,000 tenfold and he is now at $5,000. Along with its target of $10,000, a book from the day-trader is also imminent.


In addition to his transparency, he also distinguishes himself from other analysts because he adds word to deed. “I do what I say, and I think that’s very important when you help people trade in crypto.” For example, he recently shared (and made) his switch from Binance to Bybit due to regulations imposed on Binance by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB).

Learn to trade

Albert likes to share his tips and tricks in Discord and on Twitch, so that others can also earn a nice pocket money from the crypto market. has enough information. The traditional stock trader sees many opportunities, but to take advantage of them, people must first have certain skills.

You have to stay disciplined, have several screens on and above all not be afraid. The emotion should not be a reason to enter or exit a trade.

Do you also want to learn how to day-trade and enjoy Albert’s tips and technical analyzes? Take a look at the Discord environment of Crypto Insiders. He also handles other cryptocurrencies in addition to bitcoin.